What to expect from residential movers in Burke

Have you found a perfect home for you and your family in Burke? If that is the case, now it is time to focus on the relocation of your belongings. This can be a stressful process to organize, but if you entrust your stuff to professionals it will become much easier. Hiring residential movers in Northern VA will help you feel less anxious since they will guide you through each step of your relocation process. Here are some of the information on what to expect from residential movers in Burke and why will they play an important role in your move.

What to expect from residential movers in Burke before the move

Once you did the research on moving companies Northern VA and found the right one for your relocation, it is important to know what to expect from them before the moving day. They should:

  • Come to your house and take an inventory of your belongings
  • Give you a binding estimate cost
  • Give you a contract to sign
A mover taking an inventory of moving boxes as what to expect from residential movers in Burke
Before the move, residential movers will come to your house and take inventory of your belongings

Also, if you have any special requests your residential movers should inform you about what moving services Northern VA can offer to you. Those special requests may include: packing, packing supplies, move of specialized items, etc.

What to expect on a moving day

When the moving day comes and movers Burke VA arrive at your home they will start loading all your belongings into the truck. They will review what should be loaded into their truck and what will you take with you. They would expect you to be there and to go with them through the inventory that they are loading.

After your residential movers pack and load everything into their vehicles they will hit the road. After they leave, you should check your house again and make sure that everything is shipped. Moving day can be overwhelming, so make sure to check everything twice.

What to expect from residential movers in Burke after the move

After your belongings have arrived at your new home your residential movers will unload everything. They will pay attention to the labels on the boxes and place them in the right room. In case you asked for special services such as unpacking they will do that for you. Make sure to go through the inventory with your movers and check if everything is there.

Also, together with your residential movers, check if there are any damages to your belongings. If there are, they will walk you through the process of filing a claim for a refund. Reliable residential movers are fully insured and they will reimburse for any damages or loss made during the transfer of your belongings.

Two people unpacking moving box labeled books
Know what to expect from residential movers in Burke after the move

Hiring professionals will take the stress out of your move. On the other hand, you have to know what their job will be during the relocation process. For that reason, be prepared on what to expect from residential movers in Burke.

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