Tips on packing toys for transport

It is time to move again. Each relocation is tied to many difficult, complicated, and time-consuming processes. But you already knew you must pack, organize, and search for a good movers Virginia to transport you over. But do not worry, we will help you with one of the moving stages. How packing toys for transport should look like and at the same time we will cover packing in general as well. So, let us begin and make this relocation a bit easier for you and your family.

Make a relocation plan and realize the complexity of it

Before you can even begin packing, you must realize the complexity of your relocation project. To do it right, you should create a moving checklist by noting down everything moving-related and relevant. So, inspect your home room by room. Include the attic, garage, basement, and backyard as well. Note down all the furniture and belongings you possess and of course, all toys your children have. There are surely enough of it stacked in their room and in the garage. Once you note it all down, you will have a better picture of the moving costs. Or should we say, you’ll know how many packing materials are needed, working hours, and moving services Northern VA to invest in this project?

a guy writing down on a paper
Inspect the whole situation and sit down and make a moving checklist. Use it as a personalized guide through the whole process.

If you create a good moving plan, packing toys for transport won’t be an issue at all. Moreover, you will have enough info for your local movers Northern VA, to begin with. They will highly appreciate the info you brought and they will use it to create a better and more efficient moving plan. So, cover this one thoroughly and inspect your home inside out. It will help everyone involved and it will reduce your moving cost if you have your numbers straight. Besides, no one likes unpleasant surprises along the way.

Obtain the necessary packing supplies when packing toys for transport

Now, it is time to start gathering your packing supplies. We will focus on basic ones but you can always invest more and purchase better-quality materials depending on your need and the cargo you are moving. Therefore, check out and consider the following:

  • Cardboard moving boxes – All relocations have at least 20 of those. Bigger relocations have far more because you can even wrap pieces of furniture in them. And of course, bigger toys like plushies will nicely fit in inside large boxes. So, ensure you have enough of those to cover all your needs. The alternative is a plastic bin which is a good investment because you can reuse it. And you can always use those trash bags again for plushies.
  • Bubble wrap – You will use this amazing piece of material to wrap individual pieces and protect your content inside the box. It might be a bit expensive for those who are moving on a budget but it is the best protection on the market. But, you can always use blankets, sheets, clothes, old shirts, etc. you already have at home as a substitution.
  • Packing tape – Most of the toys have the box they came with but if you do not have those, you will use a new cardboard box. And you need something that will hold it together. A higher-quality packing tape will save the day. You will use it for all your boxes to keep the content in one place.
  • Labels – No matter what is inside the box, you must label each box for two reasons. One is to raise awareness of the content of the box. And second is to have an easier unpacking.

Start packing

Ok, now when you know what is out there, you should obtain your packing supplies and begin packing. You can find them at the nearest hardware store, order online, or purchase from your movers Lorton VA. Whatever you prefer the most. But once they arrive, you should decide if you are going to dedicate a weekend to it or pack over a whole week. Again, it is up to your schedule. We can advise that packing toys for transport is probably best done over the weekend because there is not a ton of it. You probably have a few boxes and bags to cover and you should focus and do it patiently. You do not want to break anything and make your child unhappy or frustrated in an already hectic moving environment. So, approach this task with care and devotion.

two people unpacking a box
Gather your packing supplies on time. Focus on cardboard boxes and ensure you have enough.

So, as a reminder, each box should have a cushion inside so nothing would break during the transport. For smaller toys, you should use baggies and smaller boxes and wrap them nicely. Fill the gaps with crumpled paper to avoid a collision. Do the same with bigger toys and medium-sized boxes as well. Finally, as we said earlier, plushies like big bears and pillows will take a lot of space so you can transport them in a trash bag. Put them inside and tape the top of the bag in a circle. It will hold enough until you reach your new home.

You covered packing toys for transport. Now you need to secure your cargo before you can hit the road

As we said before, for all items inside your home, you should use higher-quality packing tape. Once your box is full, tape it all around and make sure nothing is sticking out. This way you will keep everything in one place and no one can get hurt or damage anything along the way. And if anyone gets hurt on-site, you can cover minor injuries with a homemade first-aid kit. Ensure you have one nearby at all times.

use a better-quality packing tape when packing toys for transport
Use better-quality packing tape to secure your moving boxes.

Don’t’ forget to label each box as well

We can’t stress enough the importance of labeling. Not only for your children’s toys but for all the equipment and belongings inside your home. People have a lot of stuff, and some of it is extremely valuable. So, to protect it, you must label each box and note that the content is fragile and valuable. This way everyone will pay attention and you will minimize the chance of any moving mishaps. Hopefully, it will help you avoid unpleasant situations altogether.

A last piece of advice before we go

Some toys might be a bit harder or should we say, more delicate to handle. For example, a collection of handmade airplanes or wooden figurines. This depends on the age of your child as well. Hence, if you have such items, maybe it would be best to transport them yourself by using your personal vehicle. They will probably fit nicely in the back of your car and you can drive them safely to your new home without holding anyone accountable for it. Do it yourself because such items have no monetary value but they are extremely valuable and irreplaceable to your child. Movers can’t repay the damage on such items, keep that in mind.

As you can see, packing toys for transport is not so hard. You can cover it in a day as long as you have all the materials with you. And if you hire a proper moving company to transport it over, you won’t have to think about any damages. Now go pack like a pro and good luck on your journey!


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