Things You Shouldn’t Leave In Storage Units

Things you shouldn’t leave in Storage Units



Temperature fluctuations can turn your unit into a breeding ground for bacteria if you store milk, vegetables, and other fresh foods there. And dry goods like grains can attract vermin. Living food in storage will most likely cause rotten to enter the unit. If you’re lucky enough and no rodents enter your unit for the food, mold, and bacteria will appear from the rotting food.



As you know well, plants need light, water, and fresh air to grow, and these three essentials cannot be found inside in a storage unit. Eventually, they will die out if they are left in Storage Units. It is best if ar4you bring them to your new house, if unable to leave them with friends or give them away.



You should NOT leave your computer, TV, or camera for future use in storage Units. It might seem like a good idea, but stowing electronics in a storage unit for an extended period of time could cause the metal inside to erode.



Any substance that is explosive, flammable, or hazardous in any way should be properly stored elsewhere. This includes propane, gasoline, fireworks, bio-medical waste, or even ammunition. They are strictly forbidden to be put in storage as they pose serious health risks and can cause damage to property in seconds!


Candles/scented things

Strongly scented items can easily attract pests, insects, rodents or vermin to investigate the source of the overwhelming odor. This will cause your storage unit to get infested with rodents and insects.


Illegal Items

This includes stolen items and any item that is illegal to possess or use. It’s also a bad idea to conduct illegal activities in storage units. Storage units can be seized by the police just like any house, car, or other property.



The best temperature for storing art ranges from 70 to 75 degrees. Extreme temperatures can cause canvases to either shrink or expand, damaging the piece of art.


Storage has always been a helping hand during moves. They helped us store our items and furniture for the time we get settled in our new home. Through this blog, you will learn things that are necessary when leaving your items in a storage unit.


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