Moving with toddlers – what to know?

Moving is not easy, especially with a child. For young ones, their home is their whole world and relocation can come as quite a shock. It will take time for them to get used to the new environment. So it is important to consider their needs when moving. That is why it is essential that they understand that they will not be leaving their toys and bed behind. They should be part of the process, so they know they will be joining you in this new adventure. To help you in this endeavor, residential movers would like to share few tips on what to do when moving with toddlers. With proper planning, your relocation will be a pleasurable experience.

Moving with toddlers is easy if you do not disrupt their routine

Babies and young children need well-established routines in their daily lives. When they eat and when they sleep needs to be done every day at the same time. Because it helps them feel calm and relaxed. Therefore when local movers arrive to relocate your home, you should strive to keep their schedule uninterrupted. For example, use the time while they nap during the day to pack everything. But try to keep the noise to the minimum so you do not wake them up. It might sound difficult and impossible to do, but with a little bit of patience, you will have your home ready for moving. However, keep in mind that you will need more time when moving with toddlers to do everything. So start all the preparations weeks in advance.

A sleeping baby
Pack your belongings while your child sleeps

When you have to move with a child it is good to involve them in the process

Your home will be in chaos with lots of people running around. If your child does not understand what is happening, it can be stressful for them. Not to mention that it can have long-term consequences. Therefore whether you are having a long-distance move or just across the street, you should involve your toddler in the process. If they are too young for a verbal explanation, that let them help you pack. In the beginning, they can observe you put things into boxes. Also, ask them for advice on where something should go. Have the child pack their own box of toys. And once you move into your new home, they will have lots of fun opening all the boxes. However, do not forget to take a ton of photos.

When you are moving nursery should be the last thing you pack

Once you start packing, leave the toddler’s room for last. They will need a space where they feel safe because the rest of the house will be a mess. So a room that is familiar for them will help keep them calm and relaxed. Same as grownups, changes are something they will need time to get used to. Also, because you have to keep their routine uninterrupted, it is easier to do it if their bed is not packed. Therefore make sure that everything in it is at the last moment. Similarly, once you move and unload everything from the moving truck, unpack the nursery first. It will help them acclimate faster to the new environment. You do not have to unpack all the decorations. The essentials will be enough.

A baby room
When you are relocating with a child pack your baby’s room last

Childproof your new home before moving with toddlers

There is nothing more inquisitive and curious than a toddler. They will put their little fingers into anything that looks slightly interesting. Not to mention how much they love to put things into their mouths. Thus you should make sure that your home is safe for your child before you move. It will be easier to do it before all the boxes arrive. Once you unload everything, you might overlook something important, and your kids can get injured. Therefore a few days before, go through your new home and childproof it. Make sure all the power sockets have coverings. Any sharp edges should have coverings on them. Check that no nails are sticking out. If there is a fireplace, put a protective screen over it. Once everything is safe, you will be able to relax more and concentrate on unpacking. Surely your professional movers can help you with that.

Do not forget to pack the child’s essential bag for the trip

Toddlers have needs that you need to able to satisfy fast. And if you are moving far away, where it might not be possible to have rest stops often. Thus you should bring with you all the essential items your kid will need. Pack everything in one bag and keep it with you. Do not leave it with the rest of the stuff in the moving truck. In it, you should have enough diapers and baby wipes. Also, do not forget their favorite toy. It is the most important item you will ever need. If at any moment they feel stressed out or cranky, the toy will calm them down. Likewise, you can use snacks to reword them or keep them occupied.

A bottle on a feeding chair as a representation of something that you must have with you when you are moving with toddlers
An essential bag is the most important item when moving with toddlers

With a little bit of planning moving with toddlers can be stress-free

Children are sensitive to changes. They have routines that help them feel grounded. Thus when you are moving with toddlers, you should make sure not to interrupt it. Instead, incorporate your kid’s needs into the moving process. Use the time when they sleep to pack. Invite them to help you make everything ready for the relocation. It will help them realize that they will not be left behind. However, before you relocate, make sure that your new home is safe for a baby. There are many stores in the State of Virginia where you can get affordable childproofing equipment. And do not forget to pack the essential bag. It will help you have a stress-free trip to your new place.

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