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Any kind of relocation is, by all means, a complicated process that will consume a lot of your time and energy. Even if you are moving from one street to another, you will need help every step of the way. Po’s Moving & Storage offers the movers Manassas VA locals trust and think highly of. If you want to manage your move quickly and avoid trouble in the meantime, our movers are a great choice. We will do everything we can to help. Feel free to call us and inquire about the details. We will be happy to answer all your questions and show you how simple your move will be.

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Dial us anytime and our professionals will be very happy to explain the entire process to you. We want to be a part of your relocation.

Continue with your regular life and we will handle the moving tasks

As we mentioned and emphasized, relocation is quite demanding. This means that you will spend a lot of your time and energy trying to organize it and see it through. In the meantime, you will encounter many complications that can ruin your chances of a relaxed and smooth moving process. In order to avoid all of this and many other troubles that can, and probably will, cross your path, you will need to rely on a true professional. You do not have to put your life and work on hold because of a move. Our movers are more than adequate to handle the moving tasks for you while you manage your own daily schedules that will remain undisturbed.

We offer high-quality packing supplies

Since they will be transferred and the road can always be unexpected, it is only responsible to buy high-quality packing supplies so that your items can remain in the same condition you packed them in. Used and cheap supplies can leave everything you own exposed to road bumps and other factors that can damage them. Our professional packing supplies are 50% of the protection secured. The other 50 % depends on the way you pack your household or office. Luckily, that is something we can do for you as well.

If you are too busy and cannot waste time packing every single item, you can always rely on Po’s Moving & Storage professionals to do it for you. The packing services we provide are requested separately. We still include them in the hourly fee without any additional charges, except for the supplies that are used. As you can see, you can allow us to handle every moving task, even the packing part, so that you can continue with your obligations. Rest assured that we will protect your items properly.

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We can always help you pack but you are free to purchase moving supplies from us if you want to handle your items personally.

Hire some of the most professional movers Manassas VA has to offer and make your relocation a pleasant experience

If you choose us as your moving assistance, you will see that we will be able to meet all of your standards and fulfill your moving needs. Without any problems whatsoever. Our professionals are dedicated movers. They will do everything it takes to make sure you are satisfied and happy with the outcome of your move. If you feel like any of your concerns were left undealt with, please feel free to turn to us. Express your opinions and wishes. We will certainly be open to any kind of negotiation. Besides the said type of move, we can help you with many other:

  • Local moves all around Virginia
  • Special services that include military and senior moving
  • The previously mentioned packing services or just packing supplies

Move your house and office safely and quickly

Just because it is a complicated relocation does not mean that it has to last longer than necessary. If you were handling the entire process on your own, of course, it would, but you will have us as your moving allies. Our movers work efficiently and would never allow wasted time. We understand that both residential and commercial moves must be executed as quickly as possible. With us, you will avoid downtime, delays, and other unpleasant misfortunes that can impact the process of settling in, as well as everything else.

Licensed, reliable, and affordable? Yes, we are

Our services are not just quality but affordable as well. Our competitive prices are the result of our aim to please our customers. We believe that everyone should be able to find professional moving services without having to go over their budget. Feel free to request a free moving quote on our website. You will see that we provide accurate estimates that are quite easy to get. All you have to do is fill in a quick form on our website and you will immediately get a price range that you can expect.

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We offer competitive prices that will not empty your pockets.

Our Manassas movers are at your disposal

As one of the few movers Manassas VA residents have rated so highly, we intend to keep our reputation spotless. You can rely on our professionals to help you make your move as pleasant as possible. Feel free to contact us today and ask our representatives all the questions that you have. Po’s Moving & Storage is always ready to be of assistance. Start your move the right way. With us, you are covered.

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    I was thrilled with the job that Po and his team did. They were very punctual and professional and also very cordial and personable. Moving can be a daunting and stressful task but I thoroughly enjoyed the job well done by Po and his team.

    Tarik Hussein

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    Po’s Moving and Storage has the experience, manpower, and resources to provide you with high-quality services and help you reach your moving goals. All it takes are four simple steps:

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    Enjoy Your New Home

    Unpack at your own pace and breathe in that new and exciting stage of your life.