How to relocate kitchen cabinets

What is one of the hardest things about moving? Probably, deciding on what to pack for the move. On the other hand, decluttering the items you don’t need anymore. Choices. We all have to make them. Thus, be reasonable. Select what’s necessary. Concerning the kitchen and its elements, you have a lot of obligations. If you choose to relocate kitchen cabinets prepare for the procedure. By all means, contact movers Northern VA. Their help is crucial. Surely, you can resolve and prepare many things. However, professionals should deal with safe transport.

Prepare to take out cabinets

Firstly, be patient. You’ll need it. Arrange everything you need. Thus, plan ahead. If necessary, ask for help. In fact, it will be much easier to have extra pair of hands. The following steps will surely help.

  • remove all items from the cabinets
  • pack what you’ll relocate
  • organize stuff for decluttering
  • clean everything

You can’t relocate kitchen cabinets with everything inside

First of all, remove all the things. From dishes to food. Prior to all this, prepare bins and boxes. Place the things in bins with lids that lock. You want to keep things secure. Label everything. Pay special attention when you pack fragile items. Above all, this concerns dishes, glasses, pots, and pans. Wrap things in plastic sheets. Use bubble wraps.

When you relocate kitchen cabinets remove spices and food from the shelves
Practically the first thing you need to do is to empty the cabinets. Thus, pack everything carefully. Protect your stuff.

Secondly, put aside things for decluttering. Give them away. We all have items we don’t use anymore. Certainly, you’ll come up with something you haven’t used before. Why relocating all that? Someone will be satisfied to use them. Also, give away food you don’t need. Remember, the less you move the cheaper it will be. With this in mind, choose relevant items.

Don’t forget the cleaning

Always do the cleaning part. Clean before packing. Hence, clean the cabinets while they’re attached to the walls. Prepare a solution of simple dish soap and water. Wipe down inside and out. Also, clean backs and sides. Let the cabinets dry themselves. Only then can you proceed to remove the cabinets.

woman cleaning the top of kitchen cabinets
Cleaning matters. It protects from moisture and dust. Therefore, prepare to relocate kitchen cabinets. Cleaning shouldn’t be skipped.

Here comes the most difficult part

In general, most people think it’s quite difficult to remove cabinets. On the contrary, it’s relatively easy. Following simple instructions, you can do it yourself. Nevertheless, the help of residential movers in Northern VA can ease up the process. On the other hand, if you choose to do it, be ready. Remember, they’re heavy. Welcome any help. Prepare tapes and screw guns. Also, don’t forget cardboard boxes, wraps, blankets, and sheets.

Pay attention to these steps

First of all, remove all the doors and drawers. Also, take out shelves if they’re removable. Then, pull out all the screws. Use a cordless screw gun. There’s a wooden rail at the top in the back of the cabinets. Of course, almost all cabinets have this rail. They receive most of their support through it. Screws will be on the rail.

Also, remove screws from the rail at the bottom. Moreover, there could be screws in the sides. Especially when cabinets are attached to each other. Take them out too. As a matter of fact, there could be screws entering vertically straight up through the top. Remove them as well. Furthermore, you may reuse screws. In that case, tape them to the inside of the doors or to the hinges. Don’t lose anything.

Finally, allow cabinets to slide down the wall. Regardless of your abilities, help is welcomed. It’s very difficult to perform all this by yourself. Then, put them on the floor. Moreover, put them on another cabinet. Still, make sure to put a blanket on the top of the existing cabinets. Protect them from damages and scratches.

Pack the cabinets carefully

Place everything in cardboard boxes. Use wraps. Also, use blankets, sheets, bubble wraps. Do what you can to protect your belongings. With this in mind, you’ll prepare well for moving kitchen cupboards.

Packed boxes in the room
Prepare packing materials. Moreover, contact moving companies for packing supplies. Pack everything. Also, label the boxes. Pay attention to fragile items.

Relocate kitchen cabinets safely

Indeed, you can organize the transport yourself. Still, think thoroughly. Using moving services Northern VA is a much better solution. Make sure to move kitchen drawers smoothly. You’ll find your items in the perfect state at your new home. Thus, you can start with installing your kitchen.

Use kitchen cabinets in your new home

You can use existing cabinets. On the other hand, you can rearrange cabinets. Change something. Give it a new look. Find some kitchen design ideas. If necessary, repair something. To begin with, install upper cabinets. Return the drawers, shelves, doors, and hinges. Then, install bottom cabinets. Moreover, use a level. Ensure the surface is even. You can wipe everything once more. Finally, fill the cabinets with dishes and food. Enjoy your new kitchen.

Don’t waste your space

This concerns kitchen in particular. In case you have more space above your kitchen cabinets, use it. Therefore, move cabinets up to the ceiling. Hence, add shelves to space below. It can even be open shelving. Create a modern look. Show your best dishes. Furthermore, hide plastic ware in the space above. To point out, we always need more space in the kitchen.

Your old kitchen can decorate your new home

Definitely, you can use many things in the new home. Of course, it’s good to buy something new. However, certain repairs can finish the job well. Small changes give totally new impressions. Therefore don’t give up on your kitchen. Relocate kitchen cabinets. Nevertheless, make sure to prepare well. Most of the things seem complicated. However, with proper preparation, you can do it. Also, count on the help of trained staff. Enjoy your home. Cook some new meals in your favorite kitchen. All in all, after hard work, satisfaction is here.

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