How to prepare for first winter after moving to McLean

Moving is complicated by default but if you are moving in non-peak season, it can be even harder. Moving over the winter or autumn period requires a bit better preparations. But you still must pack like a pro and find movers Virginia to assist you. So, let us point out what to pay attention to and help you prepare for the first winter after moving to McLean. Let’s go.

Create a moving plan and include preparations for the first winter after moving to McLean

Like for any other relocation, you must work on your moving logistics first. Start by assembling a moving guideline with a date and a moving budget. As soon as you know the date, then you can set your schedule in a way to cover all tasks over the upcoming weeks. Also, you should call your moving companies Fairfax VA well in advance to book your date and be sure you have a proper moving team lined up.

a woman creating sticky notes to prepare for the first winter after moving to McLean
Create your moving plan as soon as you can. Organize yourself the best way you can.

So, inspect your home to figure out how much furniture and other stuff you have. Then, check the environment to make sure you and your movers are safe while working. Especially check the pavement in front of your home. If you are moving during winter, you should be extremely careful and avoid slippery moving mishaps. Moreover, once you evaluate how many belongings you possess, note everything down onto the inventory list. Assemble a moving checklist as well, with all the chores, moving responsibilities, and errands you must run before the moving day. If you have it all on paper, it will be much easier to guide yourself through the process. Most importantly, you won’t forget a thing and you’ll be able to prepare the budget accordingly.

Find movers to relocate you safely

Now, to prepare for the first winter after moving to McLean and have a stress-free relocation you must enlist the right moving company. This means you need affordable, safe, and reliable movers McLean VA assigned to your project. It is easy to find such a thing with a bit of research on the internet. Simply browse for an hour or two until you find a few eligible choices. Note the following while searching for movers:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and requirements.
  • Services and prices.
  • Moving insurance.
  • Safety protocols.

Once you compare your movers across the board and read a few reviews, you can give them a call. Ask if they have everything we listed above and communicate all the details about your move. If you do not like what you hear and if you can’t get a good deal, move on to the next company. Soon enough you will come to terms with a trustworthy moving company and secure your investment.

Packing for the first winter after moving to McLean

Ok, the packing process will be a bit different this time around. You are moving between seasons which means if you haven’t prepared all your winter clothing and accessories, this is the time to do it. So, the first step is to obtain all the packing materials. You can find everything online, at the nearest shop, or to purchase from your movers. Simply utilize their moving services Northern VA and they will bring all the moving boxes and packing materials you need. Secondly, you should set aside all the winter-related items and pack them in dedicated boxes. Mark them with labels so everyone knows where to find those items as soon as you move in. You will need them to face the first winter after moving to McLean, therefore, this part is important.

family packing
Pack carefully and keep in mind that your boxes need better protection to withstand the bad weather.

Lastly, you must prepare the winter jackets, boots, and other accessories for your relocation and for the upcoming week. Maybe you will not unpack straight away so you need to be prepared and have a few sets of clothing for each member of the family. You can pack those in garbage bags or again, dedicate a big box for it. As for packing, you’ll need carton boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and labels. Purchase a few plastic bins for more delicate items and in case you are moving under the bad weather.

Do you have enough space for all your belongings?

One thing that can slow you down and create a lot of problems is the space you have. More so if you are moving into a smaller home. To fix this issue, you must inspect your new home thoroughly and lay down a furniture plan. If you do it preemptively, you will avoid cluttering your new space and swimming in boxes and furniture for weeks. Therefore, put it all on paper and figure out where your stuff should go. Instruct your movers right from the start where to bring your boxes and furniture in. This way you will dodge a few problems and unpack gradually and at your own pace. Also, realize where you can store most of the rarely used items like summer clothing and other seasonal accessories. Us your space wisely.

Declutter and downsize like a pro

If you do not have enough space to fit everything, you can either clutter your garage completely or declutter before the moving day. We recommend choosing the second option and while inspecting your items, set aside all those you are not using anymore. Those can be old appliances, clothing, furniture, accessories, etc. Maybe they are broken down and waiting for repair, or simply outgrown. Some items we hold for the emotional value while others are there being hoarded for no reason.

wooden table with two cardboard boxes on it
Ensure you have enough space to fit all your items. If not, declutter a bit.

So, it is time to declutter and downsize like a pro and get rid of it all. Just donate to the local church or a charity organization and you’ll be good. Or you can sell online, give to friends, or recycle. Your choice entirely but make sure to do it and you’ll gain enough space to accommodate all your other items. Besides, your relocation will be much easier, cheaper, and more effective.

Secure the environment

We briefly mentioned before that you should pay attention to the environment. It can pose a great danger if you overlook the wet and frozen roads while loading your moving truck. There is a higher chance of moving injuries while roads and pavements are frozen. So, it is your responsibility to make it go away. You can do it if you use ice-melting salt and shovels. Remove all ice and snow an hour before your movers arrive and pave the way with the cardboard. Use it inside your home so your movers always walk on the dry ground. Replace it once it gets wet and you’ll be safe. Also, keep a spare bag of salt nearby in case you need it again. Repeat the same routing as soon as you arrive at your new address.

Now you are ready for the first winter after moving to McLean. We are sure it will be a safe relocation and you will enjoy the warmth of your new home. Just make sure your movers are up to the task and that they are using the proper equipment to execute this relocation safely. Good luck and have a pleasant moving experience.


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