How to pack fragile items for relocation

Preparing and packing your items for a move can be just as stressful as the move itself. The stress only gets worse if you’re dealing with fragile, easy-to-break items. Naturally, it is perfectly normal to worry about your fragile items during the road trip. This is because of the fact that the moving boxes frequently exchange hands during a move. Even if you hire professional movers, something can still get damaged during its time in the truck. In the end, there is nothing more frustrating than opening your boxes after the move and finding your items in pieces. All of this is the reason why you need to properly pack fragile items for relocation. Good packing, paired with expert movers, will keep your items safe and sound throughout the move. Let’s see what you can do to prepare them for the journey ahead.

Being prepared is the key to success

When it comes to packing fragile items, good preparation is vital if you want to avoid damage. This is why it is important to have professional packers by your side. However, it is more important to arm yourself with excellent packing materials to help keep everything safe during the move. These supplies should be collected in advance to save time while packing.

cardboard boxes packed for a move
With good supplies, you’ll have a smooth packing process.

Even though people often use second have items to pack fragile items for relocation, this isn’t always the best idea. Old newspapers or used boxes can do more harm than good to your delicate belongings. However, you can use blankets and bedsheets to further protect your items once they have been packed. With good packing materials and a bit of resourceful thinking, your items will arrive at your new home in perfect shape. If nothing else, you can always rely on professionals to pack for you. You will need:

  • High-quality cardboard boxes to transport your items in. New boxes with reinforced bottoms and corners are usually the best.
  • Bubble wrap and packing peanuts to fill any empty space in the box and ensure a snug fit.
  • Corrugated cardboard inserts to separate items and reinforce the box
  • Strong packing tape to make sure the boxes remain closed and intact.
  • Markers and labels to identify the contents of each box.
  • Rope or ratchet straps to keep everything in place during transport.

How to effectively pack fragile items for relocation

As we’ve mentioned previously, a lot of planning and even more padding is the key to success. However, not all items are the same, and even though the principle of packing remains the same, different items will require different approaches. The vase in your home and the equipment that you pack when you are moving an office do not require the same care. Below, you will find tips on how to pack different types of fragile items for relocation.

person trying to pack fragile items for relocation
Smaller boxes and plenty of bubble wrap are the keys to success

Be careful when you pack fragile glassware and dishes for relocation

Given that plates and glasses are notorious for fragility, you really need to pay attention when packing them. Start by selecting smaller boxes as they are easier to handle and carry, and there is less space inside for items to move. Then, add a layer of bubble wrap or peanuts at the bottom of the box as padding. Take each individual piece of glassware, thoroughly wrap it in packing paper and secure it in place with a bit of tape. To be extra safe, you can use corrugated cardboard to separate each piece. Make sure to gently place each item in the box, and fill any gaps with packing peanuts or crumpled paper. Once the box is packed, add another layer of bubble wrap or peanuts on top before firmly sealing the box with tape.

Packing TVs and other electronics requires thinking in advance

Even though most of us think nothing of the boxes our appliances come in, they can be very useful when the moving day arrives. Your TVs and other electronics come in boxes that are made to perfectly fit their size, making them ideal for packing. Even your residential movers VA will tell you to save the original packaging of your appliances if you can. However, if you’ve already thrown them out, there are still ways to pack devices without their original box. Start by taking a photograph of your device’s back panel before unplugging any cables, so you can know what goes where later on. Then, carefully remove all of the cables, wrap them individually in bubble wrap, and label them.

laptop on a desk
It is a good idea to save your appliance’s original packaging

To safeguard your screen from scratches, cut a sheet of corrugated cardboard to size, and attach it to the screen surface, securing it with tape. Lastly, wrap your device in a thick blanket, and tie a cord around the width and height of the device, to ensure a snug fit. These methods can be used on all electrical items such as toasters, computers, and other home appliances. Just as with glassware, pack electronics in smaller boxes to minimize their movement, and so you can carry them easily. Be generous with bubble wrap and your items will be in perfect condition.

A few more tips on how to pack fragile items for relocation

While we pack fragile items for relocation, we can easily forget which items were placed in which box. Once your reliable movers unload all of your boxes, you will waste a lot of time digging through boxes searching for one specific item. You can easily prevent this from happening by using tape as makeshift labels. Once you completely pack a box and seal it shut, stick a piece of tape on it and write down the contents with a sharpie marker. If the box has fragile items, make sure to write “fragile” in big letters, and mark which side of the box is the top one. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t rush the process. Moving and packing are both very stressful, so you need to remain calm. Take things slowly, pay attention to fragile items, and your moving day will be a success.

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