How to pack for moving with a dog

Moving is hard and complicated most of the time. Not to mention that it is costly and time-consuming as well. There are several major tasks you must complete if you want to reach the other side safely. You should create a moving plan, pack safely, prepare a moving budget, and find movers Burke VA to accompany you on this journey. And if you have a bigger family and elders, kids, and pets with you, it all becomes much harder. So, today we will cover one of those topics. How to pack for moving with a dog and how to do it safely and successfully. Let’s take a look.

Prepare your moving plan before you pack for moving with a dog

It is not all about your dog. Yes, it is yet another step in this story but if you do not have a proper relocation plan for your home and your family, many things can go wrong. Therefore, let us first create your moving checklist and ensure you have a moving plan in your hands. Start by inspecting your home covering room by room and then moving onto the loft, basement, garage, and backyard. Note all furniture and other items you possess onto the inventory list. Once you are done, attach it to the moving checklist and you’ll know how many things you must pack.

Also, you will have an insight into the complexity of the move and how safe it is. If you do it right, you can begin searching for movers and start calculating your moving budget. The more info you gather, the easier will be for your movers to prepare your moving quotes and services. So, invest a bit of time to make your relocation cheaper, safer, and more efficient. Once you secured your investment, then you can start making your plan to pack for moving with a dog. It is a simple process and it won’t take long. Let us explain further.

Find movers to help you out

Before we dive into the topic of how to pack for moving with a dog, let us quickly wrap up the search for residential movers in Northern VA. The best way to find them is to look online and once you have a few viable choices, start comparing. Check out their prices, services, and special offers. Do not forget to check if they are a pet-friendly moving company. Although, if they still have everything you need, you can always move your pet with your personal vehicle.

mover loading the truck
Find a moving team to help you pack and relocate safely.

Furthermore, you must pay attention to their website. Be sure they have a company logo, physical address, and contact info. You want a legit moving company and not a fraudulent one. Once you have found a match, give them a call and ask them if they are licensed and if they have all the tools to cover your relocation safely. Negotiate the moving price and you’ll surely find the middle ground at some point. If not, move to the next company and repeat the process. But to save you the trouble, we will recommend Po’s Moving & Storage moving company as one of the best local choices. Check them out and you’ll find everything you need.

How to pack for moving with a dog?

This process is fairly simple. You will use the same materials you are using for packing your other items in your home. Just make sure you label all those boxes adequately so you can bring out everything your pet needs as soon as you move in. So, you’ll need a cardboard box, packing tape, and labels. These are the basic ones. Of course, depending on the gadgets and toys your pet possesses. Some pets have a plethora of expensive items and they require a better packing process. If that is the case, purchase a bit higher-quality packing materials like packing peanuts and Styrofoam and you’ll be just fine.

If you are lacking time or for any reason want to skip the entire packing process, check out moving services Northern VA and consult with your movers. They will inform you all about the packing service where they can bring all the packing materials and pack you instead. Check it out, it is amazing!

They need more love than ever

This is something we shouldn’t explain much as all pet owners know this already. Moving is hard and emotional for everyone involved. Your pet will need all love and attention you can provide. It is important to keep up with the routine, walks, games, and to distract your pet as much as possible. They will probably sense that something is happening. But you should try to distract them long enough because they can get unsettled by all the ruckus and packing going on in your home.

a woman loving her dog
Your dog will need all the love you can give.

Some breeds need special attention

There are a few mandatory steps you must take for all dogs. But some breeds need special attention to enduring this kind of a change. Therefore, check out the following steps and cover them in due time:

  • Visit the vet for a checkup
  • Stop by a pet store to purchase food and supplies
  • Purchase pet babysitting services if needed
  • Find a pet-friendly moving company

Also, some dogs need carriers so be sure to have one cleaned up and ready for transport.

Adapt and settle in

The adaptation process is always hard when it comes to any pet. Especially cats. Dogs are a bit easier because they stick to their owner and follow them around and adapt quickly by mimicking their actions and following rules and regulations. At least those that are trained in the first place. But smaller breeds can have a rough time. As you already know, moving anxiety, depression, and homesickness are a real deal. And they can affect animals as well. So, to avoid this, you should set up the environment to resemble the previous one until your pet adapts to the new surroundings. Bring out their favorite toys, blankets, bed, feeder, bowls, etc.

pack for moving with a dog and pack their essentials in a designated box
They must feel at home. Adapt a place where they can sleep, eat, and play in peace.

If you must deal with homesickness and moving anxiety, just imagine how your dog feels. Their whole world is upside down and nothing is familiar apart from you and their favorite blanket and toys. Therefore, adapt a designated spot right away and make them feel at home.

Now you know how to pack for moving with a dog. Also, you know how to endure this journey and reach the other side safely. Once you adapt, you’ll realize it wasn’t that hard at all. Just spend the upcoming week with your pet and be a loving and caring owner. Your pet will appreciate it. Good luck and stay safe.

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