How to pack an essentials box when moving

When moving home, people often neglect the fact that there are many moving stages they must cover. Yes, there is a moving plan, packing process, moving budget, and a search for movers Burke VA. But there are a few smaller tasks that one can forget in such a hectic environment. Such a task is an essential bag you must pack before you hit the road. This bag will hold everything dear to you and your family so it is equally important as any other task. Therefore, let us help you pack an essentials box when moving and relocate you and your family safely and stress-free.

What is the essential bag?

People often call it an essential bag but it has many names. It can be a box, a crate, a bag, you name it. It is an “open first box” with all the essentials, valuables, and personal things no one else should handle but yourself. But before you should pack one, focus on your moving plan first. Ensure your relocation plans are in place so you can focus on all other smaller details. Therefore, start inspecting your home and shuffle through your belongings. Visit each room and make an inventory list of all items you must pack and list down all furniture as well. This way you’ll know how hard it will be and if there will be any problems during transport. Moreover, you’ll know how much you must invest in packing materials. Furthermore, inspect the environment as well to ensure it is safe to work in.

person preparing supplies to pack an essentials box when moving
Your “open first box” can be a box, suitcase, bag, or whatever else you want. Just make sure to have one.

Once you have all the basic info, call your movers and provide all the details you gathered. They will help you to assemble a better, safer, and more affordable relocation plan. Work with your moving representative and wrap your moving plans up. Now, when you have your moving date, you can focus and pack an essentials box when moving.

Prepare for moving on time and pack an essentials box when moving

Now when you have your moving plan in place, you should find reliable local movers Northern VA to assist you on this journey. It won’t be that hard if you know what to look for. So, start browsing on the internet, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have a few fine choices in front of you. Narrow it down by comparing across the board. Check prices, services, and feedback from previous users. Read reviews and social media network groups. Soon enough you’ll confirm if your movers are legit or not. Once you do, give them a call and confirm if they have licenses and permits to operate. Also, they must possess all the right tools and equipment for the job. Ask for onsite estimates and check if the desired moving date is free on their schedule.

movers checking on moving cargo
Find a reliable moving company online. You will need professional assistance with packing and hauling as well.

To be sure you are dealing with a legit moving company, you can always double-check your movers. As we already stipulated, you can read reviews and social media posts. But it is far better to obtain a word of mouth or a referral from a friend. Furthermore, you can check the US Movers Association, the Better Business Bureau, or FMCSA. If your movers are legit, they must be registered online and licensed for work.

The most important items for your essential bag

The items people pack in the essential box are quite different from person to person. It can be anything you hold dear. It can be a can of food all the way to your dearest memorabilia. But we will try to sort it out into categories so you can guide yourself and pack an essentials box when moving easier. Check out the list:

  • Bathroom – This one is self-explanatory. Pack a full toiletry set for the entire family. Include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, towels, toilet paper, and essentials from your medicine cabinet. Bring your homemade first aid kit as well. Keep in mind you can purchase most of it at the nearest shop as well.
  • Kitchen – You can easily pack a box on the side with a label and on the top of the box a set with cutlery and dishes for the very first night. Or place a full plastic set inside your essential box and have it ready as soon as you arrive. All you need is a few plastic glasses, plates, spoons, forks, and knives.
  • Miscellaneous items – You must be ready for any kind of scenario. Therefore, have a flashlight, matches, a few candles, pocket-knife, a basic set of tools, an umbrella, etc.
  • Documents – Obviously, you will carry all your personal documents like ID, passport, medical records, credit cards, diplomas, etc. with you. Those shouldn’t be packed anywhere else but in your pocket. If you lose this box, the aftermath can be catastrophic. Therefore, pack it safely and carry this one yourself.

Now, those are the mandatory ones but you can include anything you like. If you are not sure what can you bring inside a moving vehicle, you should ask your Po’s Moving & Storage company and the moving representative will explain.

Include your family members as well. They must pack an essentials box when moving as well

Your family members have a few items of their own that they want to add to the essential bag. If there is no space, you might want to make another smaller one. Or to pack a bigger bag that can support the entire family. The choice is entirely yours. But remember, this box shouldn’t be cluttered and overstuffed. It should be organized and easily accessible to you and your family members. It should hold the essentials as we mentioned earlier so try to keep it that way. If your kids want to pitch in, maybe it would be wiser to pack a separate bag for them.

kid playing
Pack your essential bag but leave some space for other members of your family as well.

Purchase some of it along the way

Remember, you do not need any food, chemicals, or perishables in your essential bag. You can buy those at the nearest grocery store as soon as you move in. It will only clutter your bag. Not to mention that it can spoil and spill and jeopardize the whole batch. Yes, you can make a few sandwiches for the road but keep them in a separate bag. Do not mix any perishables with your essentials.

Move it by yourself

Simply because your essential box can contain many valuables and irreplaceable items, you shouldn’t let anyone else handle it. Yes, your spouse can handle it but do not let your children or your movers touch it or move it. Anything can happen along the way and you do not want to misplace it. Therefore, you must always either keep it with you or transport it with your personal vehicle. You choose the better option. On the other hand, if you are using one of the moving services Northern VA such as packing, you must communicate with your movers and set aside all those items that should be separated and included in your personal box/bag. And remember, if movers are packing all your belongings, they are held accountable if anything is missing.

And now you know how to pack an essentials box when moving and what to include in one. Just spare some time and be focused when packing your essential bag and you should be fine. Also, pay attention to what kind of moving company you hire and you should have to worry about a thing as well. Good luck and stay safe.

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