How to pack a large book collection

If you are a true book lover you know how much care your books need. However, relocating your book collection means that your books will need extra care and protection. To transfer your books safely to your new destination it is important to pack them the right way. If you can afford you can always hire professional packers since they have all the necessary equipment. However, if that is not the case, read how to pack a large book collection by yourself.

Re-evaluate your book collection

Before you hire residential movers in Northern VA, you will have to decide which books are you going to transfer and which ones you will leave behind. Take an inventory of your book collection and check if you have any duplicates or books that you don’t want to transfer. Here are some suggestions you can use for books that you decide to leave behind:

  • Organize garage sale
  • Donate them to the local library
  • Give them to your loved ones
A person placing books into the moving box showing how to pack a large book collection
Pack a large book collection in an appropriate way

Use the right packing supplies to pack a large book collection

To pack your large book collection it is important to have the right packing supplies. If you are going to use moving boxes, make sure that they are not damaged. Also, it is advisable to use small and medium boxes to avoid breaking due to the weight. This way you will protect your books from any damages. On the other hand, consider packing your books into rolling suitcases. They are sturdy and it will be easy for movers Fairfax VA to load and unload them. Don’t forget to have sealing tape and markers as you will need them as well.

Pack your books into the boxes

Whether you are using local movers Northern VA or long-distance movers, your books need to be properly packed into the boxes. How will you place your books in boxes depends on the type of cover. Hardcover books should be placed upright like you would on the shelf. On the other hand, paperback books should be placed flat to avoid paper edges bending. Also, you should wrap all the valuable books before placing them into the box. Lastly, fill up all the empty spaces and the top of the boxes with soft materials.

Protect and label boxes

After you are done packing your book collection it is important to protect all the boxes with sealing tape to avoid possible breaking. You should make sure to label all the boxes as well. That way moving companies Northern VA will know where to place the boxes after unloading. Also, they will be more efficient during the move as they will know what boxes are heavier and how to pack them into the truck. Having labeled boxes will help you as well during your unpacking process.

Labeled moving box and two people sitting next to it with 1 open book
After you pack your book collection make sure to label all the boxes

Relocation is a long process so make sure to have a moving checklist to guide you through it. How to pack a large book collection is just one of the things that you will have to think about. Make sure to protect your books, but your other valuable items as well.

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