How to organize a local move

You might think that, in order to execute a proper relocation, all you need is to pack everything you have and just move. Unfortunately, things are quite a bit more complicated than that. The fact that your relocation is local does not make anything less difficult, maybe by a smidge but that is all. Therefore, if you want this to be an easy experience for you and not an ordeal that consumed so much of your time and energy, you must know how to organize a local move properly and hire professional movers in Virginia. Read on and you will find quite a few tips and recommendations that can make this process simple enough.

If you want to organize a local move, you must start on time

The one good thing that makes local moves easier than long-distance ones, for example, is the fact that you do not need months in advance for preparation. A month usually does the trick and that includes paperwork and all the necessary details. You can, perhaps, manage with even less available time. Yet, there is no need to rush when you can start in advance and manage everything at a steady pace. Once you start organizing, you will see that you will need a lot of help from residential movers. Still, let us continue to the tasks that you will have to manage by yourself.

A clock on a white office desk
Starting on time is crucial.

Create a timeline that you will stick to

Many people decide to takes numerous notes, circle calendar dates, create reminders of all sorts, and similar. We believe that all of these methods are useful and proper but you should choose a system that suits you best. For example, you can take a calendar and create a timeline on it by circling all the important dates and writing down what that day should include. The 14th is packing, the 17th is the day of the move, and similar. If this is not detailed enough for you, then maybe a small notebook with clear elaborations and lists is the choice you should make. Whatever you see fit, just make sure that you do not forget something and that everything is taken into consideration. If you are about to embark on a commercial relocation that this kind of thinking is something you are surely familiar with.

Next, you have a lot of calls to make

A big part of any relocation is informing companies, friends, neighbors, and everyone else that you are about to change your address. You will probably call friends and family first, of course, but they will not press charges against you if you do not inform them on time. The USPS requires notification of your address change. You see, when one is changing an address, even locally, they must inform their utility companies, the mentioned USPS, and transfer or cancel every single subscription, letter, and similar that was linked to the, soon to be, former address. In certain situations, you can even face fines and charges if you have not informed the appropriate authorities.

Therefore, instead of having to deal with unpleasantries, simply make all the calls you are supposed to and make your life easier.  Besides, if you do not handle these simple tasks, you will make your life very difficult in the upcoming future.

A woman making a phone call
Remember to call your utility companies after your call your friends.

Now it is time to start with the actual work

Once you have an idea or, even better, a clear plan of your tasks, you should start making them a reality. We suppose that you will call and hire professional movers to help you out. It is very important that you make your deadlines, requirements, and everything else more than clear to them. They should be informed about all the important details. That will enable them to give you the final result you are aiming for. While they will be of assistance to you, it is important that you participate in the move. If you can, of course.

When you organize a local move, keep in mind that packing is time-consuming

Since packing is the biggest part of any move, even a local one, you should reserve most of your time for it. Fortunately, professional moving companies offer this service and can take care of it for you or at least help you out. If you are handling this process on your own, you should have everything prepared in advance. First of all, you will need boxes, many of them and in different shapes and sizes. Other than that, remember to buy other packing supplies. That includes protective materials such as bubble wrap, tape, old sheets, foam padding, and similar.

Make sure that you have covered everything before the actual day of the move

Once you have gotten all the help you can, finished packing, and generally every task you had set for yourself on your to-do list, your moving day should be very close if not already there. One day before your move, you should be able to go through all your lists once more. Make sure that you are completely ready. When your movers arrive, you can simply carry on with the process.

A man writing something down in order to properly organize a local move
Go through your lists once again, make sure that everything is handled properly.

Now that you know what to do, you should be able to organize a local move quickly

As you can see, there is nothing especially difficult but you do need to be careful and pay attention. If you make a mistake, you will probably fix it easily because you are moving locally and not interstate. Still, that does not mean that you should take this lightly and organize a local move poorly. Make sure that you have everything under control, stay positive, and we wish you good luck.

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