How to help kids cope with moving to Lorton

Whether you are moving locally or long-distance to Lorton, change can be difficult and overwhelming for any adult. But can you imagine how traumatic this can be for children? They are moving away from their home, friends, school, etc. This can be a truly heartbreaking moment for them. For that reason, it is important to help kids cope with moving to Lorton. To have more time to spend with your kids consider hiring residential movers in Northern VA to help you relocate your belongings. This way you will be more focused on trying to help kids to cope with moving to Lorton.

Discuss the relocation to Lorton with your kids

To prepare for the relocation of your belongings to Lorton you can use moving services Northern VA, but to prepare your kids for relocation it is important to do it yourself. The first and the most important thing that you should do is talk with your kids. Explain to them the reasons your family has to move and answer all the questions they might have. Also, it is important to allow them to participate in this moving process. Some of the things that you could do are to:

  • Search for new school together
  • Discuss look of their new room
  • Allow them to pack some of their belongings
Parents talking with a kid that is upset
To help kids cope with moving to Lorton explain the reason for relocation

Handle moving day

Even though you talked with your kids and you think you prepared them for relocation, moving day will be difficult for them. Once they see movers Virginia packing boxes into the truck everything will become more real for them. This is the day when you should be really focused on your kids and help them cope with moving to Lorton.

Children on the playground as one of the ways to help kids cope with moving to Lorton
To make transition easier show your kids photos of the playground in your new area

One of the things that you could do is to show them pictures of the area where you are moving to. Together you should try to find a place that your kids would like to visit first. It is crucial to make them connect positive feelings with a new neighborhood. Also, if you feel that your kids would like to see their friends on their moving day, arrange a goodbye party.

Help kids cope with moving to Lorton after the move

Preparing your kids for relocation is not done even after relocation itself. The moment movers Lorton VA unload your belongings you and your kids should start arranging their room. Try to make it look similar to the previous one so your kids have the feeling of being at home. The first couple of days after the move are crucial, so try to communicate with them as much as possible. Also, it would be helpful to arrange phone calls and video chats with their friends. This will make them feel that not many things have changed.

In the end, if you feel that your kids are not handling the relocation well consider contacting a child therapist. The experts will give you the best advice on how to help kids cope with moving to Lorton. 

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