How to Feel at Home After Moving In

How to Feel at Home After Moving In


Having the same feeling of home is sometimes difficult to feel in the few weeks of moving in. Some things might be more different and odd than expected in your new home. It is said that it takes at least a m onth to feel more at home after a move in. Though there are some things that you can do within your house to get you this feeling in a shorter time frame. Through this blog we’ve set up some examples on things you can do to get you that sensation of home again. 


  • Recreate Familiar Settings

One of the first things you can do to feel more at home is hanging up pictures and paintings you’ve had. You can also start unpacking things that have a familiar feeling to you.


  • Perform your same usual routine

It is said that once you do the same usual things you used to do in your old home. This feeling will still be the same in a new home. This way you will not have any indifference feeling in your new home. Things will help everything seem more familiar to you.


  • Get Comfy 

Put on some music, make some homemade food. These are all factors that will help you ease out and get you feeling like home. Listen to some of your favorites music to help you speed up the unpacking process. Jam out to some of the beats to help you relieve some stress of moving in.


  • Hang around the House

Most people find it easier to settle when feeling more comforting in their new homes. One of the things you can do is spend time in each of the rooms so you can get that familiarized feeling in them. Then you can start decorating as you like. 


  • Make it smell nice

Some people find their house more home-like when they’ve cleaned up. Which they said gives off a more house smell then moving truck smell. Then get some candles or essence that will  help your house smell nice. Some smells usually give some people the same smell as their old homes, which helps them feel more homely in their new house. 


  • Get a Pet

Pets are known to be great companions to humans, especially dogs. If you don’t have a pet you should really take time to get one. It is said that pets make their mark on the new home soon enough. A pet at home can make your home feel more loved.

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