How to declutter a garage for moving

A garage is not the first thing that might come to your mind when you think of storage. This is mostly due to the conditions the garage will provide for your items. On the other hand, it is also due to the fact that most garages are in a mess the majority of the time. However, garages can offer additional storage for your items, in case you need one. In the end, you will still have to declutter a garage for moving. So, how do you do that so you can have an easy relocation experience? Contact movers Virginia and schedule your relocation. Later, start working on your garage organization.

How should you declutter a garage for moving?

The process of decluttering offers a great way to reduce the number of items you are going to move. Consequently, this process also reduces the expenses one might have during the relocation process. So, before residential movers Northern VA arrive to relocate your items, you should devote attention to properly preparing for the move.

a wall full of differenly sized wrenches to represent how to declutter a garage for moving
Organization is key, even with decluttering, so make sure you grasp the process in the right manner

Now, decluttering is a process that will require your free time. However, it is a process that will determine the tempo of the entire relocation. So, to successfully declutter your garage prior to your relocation, you would want to:

  • Separate the items you need from the ones you do not
  • Think of a way to get rid of those items you do not need
  • Organize properly
  • Rent a storage unit

Separate the items

The first thing you want to do is separate the items you need, from the ones you do not. This will allow you to focus solely on one group of items until you complete the task. So, for example, you can hire moving services Northern VA, to acquire adequate packing supplies. Utilize these supplies, mostly containers, to separate the items properly.

Find a way to get rid of the items

So, you did call local movers Northern VA and you did separate your items. Now, it is time to figure out what to do with the items you do not want to take. Basically, there are three main things you can do: sell, donate or throw away.

a person browsing items on a garage sale
Selling your items will allow you to either cover some of the expenses or make the relocation process much smoother

Selling your items in a garage sale or online is a good way to increase your moving budget. However, if an item is not in a sellable state, but can still be used, we advise that you donate it before you decide to throw it away. That way, you can declutter a garage for moving much more efficiently.

After you declutter a garage for moving, organize it properly

Once you separate the things you want, sell, donate or throw away the things you do not, you should not just leave the items in a pile. Instead, you should strive to organize the clutter as much as possible. So, when movers Reston, VA come on a moving day, you will be fully ready for their arrival.

Renting a storage unit should always be an option

Having an additional room for items you are not sure what to do with is very helpful. That is why renting a storage unit should be a viable option when you declutter a garage for moving. Especially if you have a lot of fragile, valuable items in your garage that you cannot deal with right now.

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