How to choose a moving date

Once you decide to move, you will see that pretty much all the decisions will be yours and yours alone. Certain ones might require the opinion of a professional mover but most of them will depend on your needs. One of these decisions is the moving date itself. If you do things properly and you start organizing on time, you will probably have the opportunity to choose a moving date according to your schedule and not the schedule of the company you chose. Yet, you might wonder, what would be the perfect day to move? Well, we have got you covered.

Before you choose a moving date, you should consider quite a few factors

Just like almost everyone else, you have your obligations and duties. They probably include your job, your regular daily, weekly, and monthly activities, and you may also have parental duties. Whatever keeps you occupied is certainly important and should not be neglected because of a move. Therefore, all of this has to be incorporated together. In order to do that, you will have to sit down and start organizing your time in advance. That is the first thing we will be discussing.

A light bulb in a draw thinking bubble
If to choose a moving date that is ideal represents something important to you, take a pen out and start writing because there are quite a few things for you to consider.

Choosing a moving date includes a lot of organization in advance

The best way to ensure that your move is successful and that you get to choose a moving date is to start organizing on time. People usually call movers first and then organize everything according to that date. We recommend this as well. Especially if you are relocating your office. That means that you will most definitely be on a tight schedule and it is best to organize every last detail in order to prevent possible problems and unexpected situations. The best way to ensure that you have covered everything is to leave enough time for your brain to process all the tasks and, therefore, if you remember something later on, you will still have time to incorporate it and handle it.

How do you stand with your working hours and days off?

If you are moving your home and not your office, then maybe you should consider taking days off of work. Many people do not have this possibility but those who do should definitely use it. Relocations are highly demanding processes and they will require your full attention. If you are not in a situation where this is an option, then weekends are your only hope. Since weekends are very busy for moving companies, for obvious reasons, you will simply have to book in advance, as we previously mentioned and recommended.

Another reason why workdays are great for moving includes kids. If you have children that go to school, you have free time in the first half of the day and many moves can be executed by then if started early enough. This way, no one will be in the way of your movers and your kids will be away from the work and dangerous bulky furniture. Accidents can easily happen during relocation and having your kids and pets somewhere safe with a responsible adult is a great option if you have it. 

A mother with a child and a laptop for work giving an example of how your move will look if you do not choose a moving date properly
Taking care of your children while working and overseeing or even participating in the move is quite a lot to handle. Try to avoid this scenario.

The season often has an impact as well

You certainly cannot predict the weather but you probably can choose a season for moving. Unless it is an emergency move or a short notice move, you should choose your weather wisely. Summer is always booked and springtime is pretty much the peak season. Everyone will tell you to avoid both but, actually, they might serve you best. If you book on time, you will not have a problem with finding a date and that is the number one complication when moving during summer or spring. Winter and fall are sometimes cheaper and less crowded but are very impractical for moving due to the weather. Therefore, take your pick. What is more important to you and what sounds better?

Choosing the actual time is much easier

If you have chosen to perform your local move on a day you took off of work or during the weekend, that means that you are not in a problem with time. You do not have to start after working hours. The best time to start your relocation is as early in the morning as possible. This gives you and the movers time to figure everything out, take things slow, and not cause trouble by rushing everything because of a tight schedule. You will see that the relocation will consume a lot of your time. Probably more than you expected so that is another reason why starting as early as possible will be a good idea. Still, no worries, all will be fine. You just need to be focused and know that you have organized this well.

A white and yellowish clock on a wall
The earlier your movers arrive, the better.

Choose a moving date wisely and good luck

Now that we have given you some very important suggestions and recommendations, it is time for you to start thinking until you, eventually, come to a conclusion. What is the best and most probable time for you? Make sure that you choose a moving date that suits you completely so that nothing has to suffer because of your relocation. We, honestly and sincerely, wish you good luck!

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