Guide to packing a fridge for relocation

Packing a fridge for relocation is not something you can do just like that. There are many things and steps you need to make to make sure nothing goes wrong. That is why today we have decided to help you with your packing and moving process. Here you will find out what are the safest ways to move your fridge when relocating. And if you wish, you can call your movers Virginia to help you with your relocation. Here are the steps you need to take.

Make a plan before packing a fridge for relocation

The thing is, you can’t move your fridge safely if you do not have a good plan. In that plan, you will have all the tasks you need to complete before you can move your fridge without any problem. Now, these are the tasks you have to complete before anything:

  • Gather proper packing materials
  • See if you can use some helping hand from friends
  • Do you have original packages
  • What can you do to make it easier to move
  • Are there any professional movers Fairfax VA that could help you relocate your fridge and the rest of the house?
cardboard boxes you will use to packing a fridge for relocation
Collect packing supplies if you want to properly pack a fridge for relocation

These are some of the most important questions you need to answer before you head out to move your fridge. Solving this will make your relocation easier, so make sure to spend some time searching for the answers.

What kind of packing materials to use

Depending on the size of your fridge, you will have to use different kinds of packing supplies. For instance, if you have a big fridge, then you need to look for some big boxes and eventually blankets. But, let’s go step by step. Where to look for packing supplies:

  • If you check your local stores, you can ask them if they can give you their used boxes. If they do not need them, they will be happy to lend you theirs.
  • Many people are selling their leftover packing supplies on Craigslist and Facebook marketplace. You can get some packing supplies for a fair price.
  • If your friends moved recently, they might give you theirs.
  • Looking for blankets and bed sheets is a good idea. Use them as wrapping materials to protect your fridge from any damages.
image of a blanket
Blankets are perfect wrapping materials

Now you know what are the most important packing supplies you need to get before you move. This will make your relocation much safer and easier to move. And if you still have some complications, then you need to get help from residential movers in Northern VA. It is for the best if your fragile items are moved by professionals.

Always empty your fridge

The thing is, you might have a hard time moving your fridge. With all that food inside, your fridge can really have to transport. That is why you need to start emptying it before the move. Use as much food as you can. Especially if you are moving far away. Since your food won’t last that much if you are driving a long distance. All you need to leave is canned food. If you don’t know how what to do with all those groceries, you can always do a little research and find the best meals you can make with leftover food. Making gumbo is especially good and it can be a really tasty meal. In fact, you can call your friends for lunch. That way you can rest from all the packing process a bit, and still, use as much food as you can.

Ask your friends to help you

Since fridges come in all shapes and sizes, it can be really difficult to carry them by yourself. Even if you empty it first. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t do this by yourself. For instance, the first and biggest one is that you can injure yourself easily. This is not something made up. If you don’t lift your fridge properly you will surely injure your back or knees. It is always a good idea to ask your friends to help you move it together.

people talking
Ask your friends to help you carry your fridge with you

To do this, you can use straps. They are perfect because you can then carry the fridge with ease, and you will have more control over it. This will in return allow you with your friend to move your fridge to the moving truck without having any problems. Furthermore, you will certainly avoid any possible damages or injuries. That is the most important part to remember. Also, remember that you should always lift with your legs, not your back. If you find this hard to do, then you need to consider getting specialized services VA for your move. Professional movers know how to handle moving big items such as refrigerators. And they have so much experience that it will feel like a breeze to them.

This is how packing a fridge for relocation should be done. Now that you have learned what you can do to make it easier, we are certain that you will move it without any problems at all. If you are still looking for some information on how to pack and move then we suggest you visit our blog. There you can find many interesting and good guidelines that you can follow. We are quite certain that some of them will be useful for your upcoming relocation. You can also visit our website where you can get a free estimate. That way you can find out how to properly manage your moving budget.


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