Get to know Fairfax after you move

Your relocation is finally over. You are done with completing moving tasks and thinking about whether you have forgotten to do something or not. In case there is something left to do, count on Po’s Moving & Storage to give you a helping hand. Now, the time has come for you to meet your new hometown. Fairfax county has quite a lot to offer. This is the most populous jurisdiction in Virginia and it is located near Washington, DC. Basically, the time for stressing has passed and now you should relax and enjoy your new community. We are going to give you some pieces of advice on how to get to know Fairfax after you move.

Historic Fairfax is the first place you should take a walking tour of

It is also known as Old Town Fairfax and it is founded in 1799. The City Of Fairfax was frequented by George Washington, William Fairfax, and George Mason during the Colonial and Revolutionary periods. So, what you can do is take a self-guided walking tour and see a wide variety of historic buildings.

Two women walking
Take a self-guided tour through Historic Fairfax and you will surely learn some interesting things you have not heard of before

For example, you will have a chance to see Ratcliffe-Allison House, Fairfax Court House, Ford House, Old Town Hall, the Marr Monument, William Gunnel House, etc. If there are some boxes left unpacked, feel free to let one of the most reliable moving companies Fairfax VA help you. Start exploring your new surroundings and your movers will do the work on your behalf.

Make sure you visit the National Firearms Museum

The museum examines the history of firearms dating from 1350 to the present day. What is quite interesting is that the exhibits you will have a chance to see feature the firearms of 6 American presidents, 12 U.S. general officers, and 6 foreign heads of state. Other important parts of exhibits are treasures associated with Pilgrims, the Civil War, the American Revolution, and other meaningful events in American history. As you can see, by visiting the National Firearms Museum, you will surely have a chance to learn something new.

Enjoy outdoor activities and you will get to know Fairfax better

Burke Lake Park is one of the places you will surely visit on a regular basis. If you like fishing, camping, rowing, playing volleyball, etc. this will be one of your favorite parks. In addition to this, you and your family will have a chance to ride on a miniature train or on a carousel.

Man holding fishing rod
In case you like fishing, Burke Lake Park will surely be your favorite place- you will get to visit it quite often and you will get to know Fairfax better

What is also great is the fact that you will have a golf court at your disposal. As you can see, you will feel at home right after you move in. Everything you like will be nearby and you will enjoy doing different activities every single day.

If you like shopping, you will not be disappointed

In case you are someone who enjoys walking a shopping center and visiting stores, you should know that Fair Oaks Mall is waiting for you. The fact that the mall has nearly 200 shops speaks for itself. Basically, if you come here with a friend, you will surely have a lot of fun. Some of the stores you will have a chance to visit are Macy’s, Banana Republic, Lord & Taylor, Michael Cors, and Brighton Collectibles. Should you need a salon or a spa, you have nothing to worry about- Zoe Salon & Spa is right there. However, if you are relocating locally, you probably already know what you can expect by visiting this mall. In case you like spending time here, make sure your new home is near. Let your local movers Fairfax VA give you a helping hand with this endeavor.

You will get to visit many different festivals

If you decide to live in Fairfax, you can be sure that you are going to love it. One of the reasons for this is the fact that you will have a chance to visit a wide variety of events throughout the year. First of all, if you like chocolate, Chocolate Lovers Festival is just for you. It is usually held in February and it lasts 3 days. You will get to see and taste different chocolate pieces of art. Other events you will have a chance to attend are parades, art and music festivals, holiday events, etc.

Fairfax Ice Arena will be one of your favorite places

Ice skating can be quite exciting. If this is your cup of tea, Fairfax Ice Arena is waiting for you. It is available for public skating, getting lessons, skating parties, hockey leagues, and camps. As you can see, diverse activities are at your disposal.

Family skating trying to get to know Fairfax better
Either if you like ice skating or playing ice hockey, you will make your wish come true because there is Ice Arena in Fairfax

Do not worry if you do not have the necessary equipment. In this arena, there is a pro shop that can offer one of the largest selections of skating equipment in the area.

We have provided you with some useful pieces of advice on how to get to know Fairfax better. Now, what you should do is think about what activities you like best and make plans. If it happens that you like the entire list, the only ‘problem’ is finding enough time to do everything. Luckily, you will be here long enough and you will even find new ones. You will see soon how many things Fairfax has to offer. Either if you are relocating here by yourself or with your family, you can be sure that you will find something for everyone. You will not get bored, quite the opposite- you will get to find different interesting activities.

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