What do I do with extra space in boxes?

Fill in the gaps with things like clothing, towels, or packing paper.
Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes!

How should I protect breakable and fragile items?

Don’t pack any breakable items without first wrapping them in bubble wrap or foam sheets.
They will easily get damaged or even completely broken.

When should I book a moving company?

Hire movers as soon as you know your closing date. Movers get booked months in advance.
This means that, if you plan to hire a moving company, hire one as soon as you know what day you’ll close your escrow.

How many boxes do I need?

Buy as many boxes as you can, because you never know the exact amount needed to pack your belongings.

Who should I inform about the change of address?

Make a list of all utilities that need to be switched as well and schedule hook up/disconnect dates around your move.
Select a mover at least two weeks in advance to ensure availability on your move date.

How do I know I haven’t lost or forgotten any item?

Writing down and categorizing your possessions helps you recognize items you will need to get rid of during your move as well as the actual number of everything you are moving.

What to do with boxes after the move?

Make sure you keep the sturdiest and cleanest packing boxes from your move.
You never know when you might need them again and they will be good to use the next time you move.

How do I handle a move if I have children?

On moving day, be sure to keep your child with a family member or sitter.
This ensures their safety from hazardous moving supplies and keeps them safe from movers with big and heavy objects.

How should I seal the boxes after I have packed them?

Tape boxes well! Use several layers of tape at the top and bottom seams, and for extra security, make a couple of wraps all the way around the box top and bottom edges where the weight is concentrated.

When should I start organizing my move?

Build additional time into your estimate for unforeseen speed bumps. For example, you should not be packing on moving day.

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