Best places to find reliable movers in Fairfax

Trying to find a moving company can be a stressful experience. You will have to make sure that the company is licensed, reliable, and still affordable. After all, it is normal to take precautions when deciding who to entrust your belongings to. But if you are stuck at the beginning of this search and don’t know even where to start looking for moving companies Northern VA– don’t worry! We have recommendations of the best places to find reliable movers in Fairfax.

Talk with your friends and neighbors to help you find reliable movers in Fairfax

The best place to start looking for moving companies Fairfax VA is to have conversations with your friends and neighbors that have moved recently. To make sure that you are hiring a reliable moving company it is important to have recommendations. Your closest people, that have experience with moving, will give you all the pros and cons of the companies that they were using.

Two women sitting and talking
Talk with your friends to help you find reliable movers in Fairfax

Talking with your friends and neighbors first is going to be the best start of your search because they will give you an honest opinion about the companies. Also, hiring movers that were recommended to you is good because you will know what to expect from them.

To find reliable movers in Fairfax research the internet

Another place where you should look for reliable movers is the internet. But before you start your search for moving services Northern VA be aware of the fraudulent companies that you may encounter. Look for the companies that have been longer in business and that have testimonials of their previous clients. Also, make sure to check if the comments of their clients match the services that the company is providing.

A woman doing a research on the internet as one of the ways to find reliable movers in Fairfax
To find movers in Fairfax research the internet, but be aware of fraudulent companies

To find a reliable moving company, do not read reviews only on their website. For example, if you are looking for reliable residential movers Northern VA check reviews on online platforms such as Facebook, Yelp, etc. Once you find a couple of companies that match your criteria give them a call and find out more about their services.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

When hiring a moving company, you will have to make sure that it is reputable. Fully licensed and insured companies are the ones that you should look at. For that reason check Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, where you will find only registered companies. If you hire any of the moving companies that are listed here you can rest assured that your movers are reliable. This is the best place to find out the basic info about the companies such as:

  • Location and contact information
  • Registration status
  • Type of moving company
  • Safety and complaint information

Finding a good moving company is a long process. But now when you know what are the best places to find reliable movers in Fairfax, half of your job is done. You can start your searching for the movers that will relocate you to your new home. 

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